Dance or Not to Dance

I am often asked by clients whether or not they should prioritize a dance floor in their event budget.  There is often a perception that all of the event guests will be dancing the night away and will need a significant amount of space under the tent or inside the event ballroom.The reality is that for most events, approximately 30% of the guests will actually dance during an evening event.  For this portion of your guest list, the dance floor will be a must, and for the rest of the guests, the dance floor will be a place to socialize.When prioritizing items in the budget, a dance floor is a relatively inexpensive item that will secure an open space that will be used in one fashion or another.
So – should you include a dance floor in your event plans?  Our experience would point to the answer being yes.The staff at Capitol Rentals and Sales is pleased to offer layouts and specifications for any event that is quoted through our office.  We take pride in our ability to help lay events out in a manner that allows our clients to focus on having fun, not stressing over details.

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