Inflatable Games Make the Event

Did you know that inflatable games can be delivered to your residence for a variety of events?Most of us probably remember bouncing on some type of inflatable as kids, but today’s inflatables can be rented for everything from a toddler’s birthday party to a retirement party.

Consider these for your next party:

A Party Bounce:  Entertain your children for hours as they enjoy bouncing and chasing each other is a safe, certified inflatable house.

Basketball:  Want to find out how good your shot really is?  Compete against an opponent as you make as many free throws as you can before the clock runs out!

Football:  For all the Monday morning quarterbacks out there, show off as your accuracy is put to the test.

Tee ball:  For the little girls and boys, have fun swinging the tee ball bat in a small tee ball field.

We take pride in being certified through the state of Pennsylvania in the installation and supervision of inflatables games.  Consider planning on having one for your next event!