Sizing the Tent for your Event

There are a number of items to keep in mind when you are considering renting a tent for an event:

  1.  How many people are you planning on inviting?  Chair spacing is critical when you are laying out your seating arrangement.
  1. Would you like to have people sit at round tables or rectangular tables?  While rectangular tables will accommodate more seats, round tables provide the opportunity for everyone at a table to visit with each other.
  1. Will there be dancing?  Dance floor space is critical when prioritizing the square footage you require under your tent.  Most events with dancing designate at least a 12’x12’ area for people to congregate.
  1. What is the plan for lighting?  For evening events, lighting is customized based on the size of your tent.  For longer tents, it is critical to remember that power will need to be sufficient to fully utilize all of the lights.  It is also important to think about how you’d like to utilize lighting.  Will people need enough light to read?  Will reduced lighting provide a casual dining atmosphere?

The staff at Capitol Rentals and Sales is pleased to offer layouts and specifications for any event that is quoted through our office.  We take pride in our ability to help lay events out in a manner that allows our clients to focus on having fun, not stressing over details.

Give us a call today, we’d love to hear about your event!